Why You Should NOT Take Vitamins

Can you tell me why you should not take vitamins? All I hear is contradictory stories about why it is good and bad for you There are people who waste $200 or more a month on useless supplements

By stopping the supplements, they save a lot of money And yet doctors prescribe prenatal vitamins to every pregnant woman who walks in the door In the case of pregnancy, women need more iron and B vitamins but rarely get enough The leafy green vegetables and red meat that are good sources are exactly what gives many of them severe morning sickness What about the rest of us? If you are eating a balanced diet, you don’t need a multivitamin

If you aren’t sure, drink an Ensure or other meal replacement drink How long have they been saying vitamins are useless? Guys who pump out porta-potties often remark about all the pebbles at the bottom that used to be multivitamins Some doctors still say we need to take vitamins Unfortunately, some doctors make money selling supplements to their patients A few unscrupulous ones make money selling supplements that patients can’t afford

Is it really that much money? Vitamins generate tens of billions in sales Are all vitamins a waste? Vitamin D supplements aren’t a waste if you don’t get enough sunlight or drink a lot of milk to get it I’ve heard that supplements can have negative side effects So can medications But there are too many people who take vitamins hoping to reverse chronic conditions, not realizing that it can’t do anything other than cure malnutrition

Vegetarians take pounds of supplements Except for B12, which vegans can’t get unless they eat animal products like milk, vegetarians and vegans don’t have to take supplements All of which is cured by a glass of milk or enriched almond milk


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