Yoga for back and hip pain during pregnancy

Hey everybody, it's Amber Karnes from body positive yogacom and I'm here today to share a little yoga flow with you that's going to help if you have any low back pain or hip pain going on

I know a lot of you when you're pregnant you get lower back and hip pain (a lot of us who aren't pregnant get that too), so this particular sequence is gonna help you to you open the hips and hopefully help with some of the low back pain you might be having So the first thing we're going to do is learn how to build a little tower with some props that's going to keep us supported while we explore some deep belly breathing and then we're going to lie on our backs for some hip openers and then will move on to some other poses So of course as with any other exercise you wanna check with your doctor before you do this – whether you should lie on your back or not, which we will be doing for some of the sequence So please make sure that all that is cleared before you start for this practice you need a bolster or a couch cushion or really big firm pillow, you'll need two blocks or big thick books or something like that, and you need a strap or either a tie or a tie from a bathrobe or something long that you can use a to make your arms longer

So, gather your props and I'll see you on the mat! Ok, so the first thing you're gonna do is build a little tower here This is a a great position for you to be in if you're in savasana or if you just want to rest and breathe for a little bit which were gonna do at the beginning of the practice What I like to do is take one block on the high height and the other block long ways on the Lower height and then take the bolster and lean it up against this little tower that you're making here So you may have to play with it a little bit but feel like you get it in a place where it's kind of stable and then you're gonna sit right in front of the bolster and then just lie back onto the tower that you built Now you can rest your hands on your belly or if you have some blocks or something you can put under your arms so they're not flailing out to the sides – or this might feel really good, and you wanna try that

Okay so you built your tower now come and sit your butt right in front of the bolster and then go ahead and lie back, so you're in a nice reclining position I just have my knees bent with soles of my feet on the mat I'm going to take my hands and rest them on my thighs If this isn't comfortable what you can do is take your feet together with the knees wide and then take blocks and place them under the knees to support you Otherwise you can just bend your knees we're gonna be breathing here for a few minutes so just place your hands on your belly close your eyes and just start to tune into your breath maybe at first just noticing what's happening with the breath, where do you feel it your body where does it originate? Do you feel like it's getting stuck anywhere? Just observing those things, just noticing without worrying too much about what that means or if that's good or bad

The next time you draw breath in through the nose just invite the breath to rise beneath your hands So breathe all the way down into the low belly into that lower abdominal breathing space and feel the belly rise as you take an inhale breath and fall back down as you take an exhale breath Notice what other sensations you might be able to feel – maybe your back pressing into the bolster or sit bones grounding down to the floor And just continue this deep belly breath for a few more rounds really deeply inhaling filling the belly up and then lightly draw then navel towards the spine when you exhale to draw all the air out – contract the diaphragm before you reach for another inhale and then slowly flutter the eyes open just bring your hands down to the mat we're gonna go ahead and sit up so just press your hands down and bring yourself to upright

we're gonna move the tower and then we'll come to lie on our backs and do a few things there okay we're gonna lie on the floor and you want to have your strap handy so, just have that nearby I've got my soles of my feet on the floor my knees bent and you really wanna scoop your tail bone down toward your feet so more of your back comes into contact with the floor place your hands on the floor maybe widen the feet to almost the width of the mat and just crawl the feet a little bit away from the butt so you're not too crunched up We're just gonna start a windshield wiper motion with the legs, letting the knees drop down to one side coming back up through center, letting them drop down to the other side nice and slow

Just let the feet roll to the insides and outsides as it needs to So we're getting a little blood flow to the low back we're starting to take the hips through their range of motion and if you'd like to create a little vinyasa here, to sync up the breath with the movement it's an inhale breath as you come up through center and then exhale as you go down to one side inhale as you come back up and an exhale down to the other side so keeping with that deep belly breath that we did before and then go ahead and come back up to the center just gonna scoot my feet in a little bit and then pick up my right foot and bring my knee toward my chest and then go ahead and start to do some hip circles so when I come close to my body and bending my knee and then as you go away from your body you're going to extend the leg so just let your hips rock from side to side really wanna take the leg through the full range of motion here and just do a nice and slow it's definitely not a race go ahead and switch directions continuing to breathe and return that foot back down and we'll do the other side think about scooping the head of your femur into your hip socket like your kind of trying to get the last little bit a peanut butter out of that jar – scooping around to get the synovial fluid moving in the joint, warm up the joints so a lot of times if we have back pain it's because our hips are super tight and for those of us who are carrying children our center of gravity is a little bit off so our body doesn't quite know what to do with itself! alright so once you finish that side here we're gonna return both feet down to the mat and then we'll go ahead and take the strap – you wanna loop the strap around the ball of the foot intake the leg straight up into the air so we want the leg along and arms long so if you're trying to be really close by to your face and your knee is bent and you're straining up off the floor that's not what we want so take your leg as far away from your face as you need to to be able to have the leg comfortably straight so for some of us the hamstrings are talking to us right now and that's okay (laughter) Just breathe into the hamstring kinda just a little imagination experiment inhale deep into the belly and then as you exhale see if you can imagine sending the breath to wherever you're feeling the sensation wherever you're feeling the stretch just hold here and breathe for a few minutes if you like you can take that other leg and lengthen it along the floor and really press out through the heel so that leg doesn't go lazy and just fall off to the side really press through the heel if you do that and it hurts your low back just keep the knee bent alright so I'll take both sides of the strap in the left-hand take your right thumb and put it into your right hip crease you can sort of roll that hip away from you and then just come across your body about three or four inches and you're gonna feel some sensation on the outside of this right leg if you come over like this and your hip rolled up off the ground you went too far So just breathe here all right we're gonna come back up to center you can either bring your foot back down to the floor or you can just catch the strap with the other foot

and we're gonna do it on the other side so leg is long arms are long the side might feel completely different Think about flexing your toes toward your face notice if kneecap is kinda to the center to the midline of the body or if your leg has splayed out to one side or maybe to the inside even Then take both sides of the strap in the right-hand take your left thumb, put in your hip crease and roll the hip away from you and then just come across the body just a few inches until you feel that sensation that outside of the left leg all right come back to center and let go of the strap bring that foot back down and this time you're gonna bring your right knee into your chest and then take the knee wide, like out toward your armpit or toward your shoulder and then you're just gonna bring the lower leg up toward the ceiling and I'm gonna show you with a strap – just put the strap around the foot and then think about pulling that knee down toward the floor, toward your shoulder or armpit now you want to make sure that this hip stays down we don't want to roll over to one side so maybe even take your hand and press the hip down you can let the knee fall out to the side but the main thing we want to work on is bringing that knee down toward the floor and have your foot flexed like you're doing a half a sumo squat on the ceiling this is actually happy baby pose we're just doing on one side so if you know happy baby and you wanna do both legs at the same time that's totally fine but sometimes one side it's a little bit easier on us if our hips are really tight or back is really painful Alright, go ahead and remove the strap, we'll do that on the other side bring your left knee up and out toward your armpit, and lasso your foot and go ahead and find that on the other side to really bring the knee down toward the shoulder, toward the floor keep this hip down with your hand and breathe alright, so release that strap and return that foot to the mat and we're gonna come to our hands and knees so gently roll to one side and then you can press yourself up and will come to hands and knees If your knees are sensitive I recommend putting a blanket underneath them you can also take another yoga mat and kinda double that up and stick it underneath your knees

so we're gonna do a couple rounds of cat and cow so bring your hands a little bit in front of the shoulders, let the index fingers point straight ahead and spread the fingers wide knees are directly under the hips and the feet come straight back you can tuck or or untuck the toes, it's up to you On the inhale let the tailbone rise belly drops down toward the mat, lift the chest, lift the gaze On the exhale let the tailbone drops, bellly draws in, arch the upper back like an angry cat head comes down last We'll go the other way – inhale, tailbone rises belly drops down toward the mat, lift the chest, lift the gaze exhale, tailbone tucks, belly draws toward the spine, heart draws toward the spine, head comes down last like a Halloween cat Inhale lift exhale tuck so you're gonna do this at your own pace with your own breath for a couple more rounds really flexing and extending the spine finding that whole range of movement all through the spine pressing through the hands really pressing into the upper back on that arch and coming to neutral

so we're gonna do a couple lunges next all right so you're gonna want your blocks for this next part we are gonna do some some low lunges what I'm gonna do is have the block to give me a little bit more room to get my leg through especially if you have a belly that's growing then you're gonna want to not run into yourself here so I'm gonna take both blocks and bring them to the left half of my mat and then step my right foot forward I'm using the block to keep my chest lifted up my right toes are pointed straight ahead my left knee is down on the mat and I've got my toe extended you can tuck that toe if you want or keep it long and then I'm just gonna start to drop my hips down toward the mat so the main thing you wanna check for is this knee – we don't wanna go past the ankle so if that happens you just use scoot your foot forward I'm really pressed down through equally through the front foot and also through the back knee to ground it down to the mat and then just let the hips sink down toward the mat so you can bring your hand up on your thigh you can stay on the block you walk the block back in really just find a way to start to let the hips relax let gravity do the work and breathe if you feel like your belly is crashing into your thigh just kinda move it off to the side so you can move it to the center if that still doesn't work for you you can crawl your right foot a little more toward the side of your mat you've got a little wider base for your lunge alright bring both the hands to the blocks and gonna straighten this leg then just drag that that back so my knees meet up Walk my blocks to the other side and bring my left foot forward this time so again I wanna make sure that I'm stable here and then I'm gonna start to sink my pelvis down towards the mat now for me it's a little more comfortable to bring my hand up to my thigh and can give myself a little bit a leverage here or you can keep your hands on the blocks maybe it will be more comfortable for you to be this way with your hands kinda framing your foot just experiment see what feels good to your body make sure to make room for your belly so you're either going to kinda just move everything to the center or crawl your foot out toward the side of the mat lift the chest, let the pelvis sink down toward the mat opening up through the hip flexor keep breathing into the belly good alright so I'm going to plant my hands on the blocks and then drag this foot back to meet the other and then I'm gonna come to standing so I'll bring my blocks out front and then just step one foot up and step up the other foot up so you kinda come into a low a forward fold here and then I'm just gonna roll up gently one vertebrae at a time until I come to standing We're gonna do a couple poses here that are really great for the hip and the low back – standing poses – the first we're gonna do is parsvakonasana side angle pose – to come into this you're going to stand facing the long side of your mat and then go ahead and widen your feet to a wide stance – turn your right toes out so they face right to the short side of your mat and the left toes in just about 30 degrees You may have to play with the angle that to see what's comfortable for you for your knee, for your hip and they were gonna do is bend into this front knee again make sure the knee doesn't come past the ankle if it does just crawl that foot forward a little bit take your right forearm place that on your right thigh take your left hand to your hip and spin your chest open so this is a twist and also a lunge, and at the lot of things but we really want that twisting motion

So your shoulders are stacked one above the other use that leverage if your arm on the thigh and spin your chest open and then you can lift your arm straight up into the air take a moment here and if you'd like you can try taking that arm up and over the ear with the palm facing the floor so this where you have one long line from your back heel all the way up the side body and out that arm and then use that left arm to cartwheel yourself back up parallel the feet and then left toes go out right toes go in, go ahead and bend through that front knee left forearm comes to thigh, spin the chest open and then lift that arm up and you can either stay here or maybe tried arm up and over the ear experiment with where the neck feels good to look – maybe up at the lifted arm, maybe at the floor, maybe just straight ahead in front of you and use that left arm to bring you back up then parallel the feet and then just step 2 feet together that's it! thanks for downloading and practicing with me I hope you come see me again at bodypositiveyogacom Namaste!



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