Yogamom’s Natural Birth Video (English Version)

Yogamom's Prenatal Postnatal Yoga I suppose the second Labor is much better than the first I'm starting to feel the stomach pains within a 4 to 5 minute interval

But I'm still smiling 🙂 My husband and i arrived at the hospital safely and my daughter Elly is being taken care of my grandmother Let's have this baby! I'll probably look completely different again the real pain comes I just wanted to document my experience

Still smiling though! Let's do this !! 3 minute intervals now 4-5 cm open so far and another pain interval comes and goes So I'm now bouncing on a gym ball to help manage the pain I really benefited from the gym ball during my first labor Gym balls are the best! Just trying to distract the pain Also another must-item is a hot pack

My husband can use the microwave to heat up the hot pack and it's great for your back Hot packs are a must! How did I survive without one! Than the water broke And shit got serious 1 minute intervals now! Good job Good job It's all about taking the watermelon out of the butt hole Micah I'm gonna get you out My 'natural birth' Son Micah DOB: 201673 34 kg 51cm The pain was great but how Precious is he !! Yogamom's Post-Natal Yoga


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